Why I’m Running

I’m running for Congress in California’s 53rd District because I believe that we need to restore a collaborative environment in Washington.

Our country is facing incredible issues that we need to address together. Climate change, growing income inequality, gun control, and our student debt crisis are not partisan issues. These are issues that affect each and every one of us. Partisanship on these matters only occurs in Washington. We need to elect leaders with fresh energy and perspectives who understand how business and the economy work. I have the willingness to work together and move our country forward. 

When I began my graduate studies part-time at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, I had the sole intention of utilizing my education to advance my career and climb the corporate ladder. My trajectory was altered following the 2016 election and the subsequent division of our country. It was then that I decided I wanted to dedicate my career to helping the working and middle classes while reminding each other that we are One Nation.

Too many of our neighbors right here in San Diego are being left behind. Now more than ever it is essential that we work to implement a balanced system that allows our community to not only survive, but flourish. We need to elect folks who will restore and protect the American Dream, who have experience navigating from the ground up.

I will work to restore the notion that we are Americans together, not apart. I will advocate for a single payer healthcare system so that San Diegans aren’t choosing between their health and putting a roof over their heads. I will fight to address climate change in a way that transforms our economy and gives entrepreneurial opportunity to all individuals. I will strive to ensure that the burden of debt associated with our higher education system, no longer cripples those who pursue a degree. 

San Diego has given me so many opportunities to be in the place that I am. It would be my honor to give back to San Diego and serve District 53 in Congress. It is my goal to ensure that others have the same outlook on their futures, as I do of my own.